Feeding The Mind & Soul Part 3

ON any given day for most of us our souls feel more like they’ve been tumbling in an ocean – pressed under by one emotion after another, pulled in different directions, unsure of where we need to be, sure we aren’t where we want to be – making us feel at our core as if we’ve lost our way cosmically, emotionally and even mentally. And in this process, our body gets caught up too. Whatever that mind of yours is holding onto affects every mechanical aspect of what makes up YOU, and that includes how you feel physically. I’ve been there. And I’ve learned about feeding the mind & soul – and I discuss some basic simple tools in my recent novel INDUCED AMNESIA – now in this short series, I’m attempting to explain those tools and how they can be used to help you maintain power despite the ocean.

Thoughts are our power being directed, and they are our roadblocks. Your mind is your real obstacle but the good news is it can be controlled. Most of us just don’t do it.quote8

“Anytime you feel stuck, listen to what you are thinking. Those thoughts are perhaps more responsible for your outward dilemma than any external obstacle.” ~The Purpose Of Your Life by Carol Adrienne

Your FOCUS = your PATH in life. THOUGHTS affect your PATH. And your PATH affects your SOUL. Which is why centering YOU is the key. Centering your THOUGHTS will center your SOUL, and thereby control your PATH.

In the turmoil of tumbling in the ocean ignore the chaos outside you – STEP ONE is take control of your thoughts inside. Trust me; it will begin a profound, positive change on the environment outside you. In the previous Parts I covered simple, easy tools for achieving this and maintaining it:

1) Reading empowering material – even just one chapter to start your day every day.

2)Meditation – relax and release tension first, then even if for 15 minutes daily – silence your mind and only listen. Stilling the chaos or confusion is paramount to moving ahead.

These tools when practiced daily are powerful ingredients to bring you back to a center of peace, and it’s in this state that our soul can find and then focus on its path, as well as converse with its source for guidance.

“….You don’t have to live there. It’s time for you to start pushing out negative thoughts like fear – it’s normal that they come to you, but when they do, you push them away now; you don’t think on them or entertain them; those thoughts aren’t what’s true for you – instead, you clear space inside you, and still all thought; relax and allow your mind to just float. You do this, and it’ll find your spirit. Listen to that small voice deep inside, and your intuition will tell you what to do, and how to deal with whatever faces you, I promise.” ~ excerpt INDUCED AMNESIA

For many the meditative process seems boring or difficult at first. We live in such a busy, fast-paced world now that slowing down for even a few short moments in silence seems impossible. But I urge you to begin – as said even very short sessions are immensely beneficial. Give yourself a period of 21 days to adapt and weigh out the consequence of benefit. In the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, he points out how it usually requires a minimum of 21 days to “effect any perceptible change….to jell”. And this aspect relates to any psycho-perception such as moving into a new house, overcoming a phantom limb sensation or even a cosmetic change in appearance.

“The greatest rewards of meditation, however, arise from effects that carry over beyond the actual meditative state into your waking life – a state known as cosmic consciousness.” ~Transcendence by Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal

The more negative emotion you harbor, the more power you lose. Meditation can undo that and reverse the effects over time.

“It starts with how you feel – it’s not about what you did or you do; it’s all about your feeling inside first. Every thought, every feeling, in every moment, either strengthens or weakens you – with every given second, you grow or whither, you strengthen or begin to die.” ~ excerpt INDUCED AMNESIA

There’s so much more to these tools – and I’ll continue to discuss some of what I’ve discovered along my journey to getting stronger and staying well mentally and emotionally. But here in this series of feeding the mind & soul you have an easy, yet powerful starting point. I’ve been lost in that ocean – I’ve felt like I was drowning and would never come up to feeling well or strong again – but I did, and this series is the simple offering of how. Now these little practices are a part of my daily life. Missing only a few days will begin to show within me.

“Draw peace in, center yourself in it, and then remind yourself very clearly of what you want to feel and what you want to accomplish. Everything else must be let go. And don’t forget to think about the things you’re grateful for. Then, stop all thought, stop the inner dialogue completely and allow yourself to follow and listen to the energy that created you. Connect back to it and throughout the day call on it when you feel yourself drifting out of that peaceful state. So when you face any confusion, fear, anxiety or pain in your day, remind yourself to breathe deeply, repeat the word of what you want to connect to and in that brief moment of reconnecting, you’ll instantly feel better. It will center you back on the track of your true desire when experiences jolt us unsteady or off the track.” ~ excerpt INDUCED AMNESIAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Take your power back. Quiet your mind, focus only on PEACE – breathe it in……..and then, start to listen. There is that YOU, deep within, that IS connected to so much more than you know. When you quiet that mind, relax your body and listen – that YOU will talk to you, and guide you – back to a path of joy, peace and ease. Just try….

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Feeding The Mind & Soul Part 2

ON my path in life so far I’ve had some great ups, and some great downs. Those ‘down’ times though felt like they would destroy me then. Honestly, there was a part of me that thought I could never really recover – that I would never fully stand again so-to-speak – but I did, and I’ve even learned to stand straight and tall. I learned about feeding the mind & soul and how very, very necessary it is. And this isn’t about religion, but I guess yes, it’s about spirituality. We all have that thing deep inside – but no matter what you call it, whether we talk about it to others or admit to it aloud, we have that very deep inner knowing of something that’s bigger than our body, that something that craves deeper purpose – that small, quiet voice buried far inside somewhere that whispers sometimes. It’s that part of you – after you feel destroyed by pain – that still haunts you into thinking you can recover, you can stand again and there is a way up and out of that pain, even if it sounds like the tiniest of whispers.

Now last time I said it, but I’ll say it again – what I’ve learned and am sharing is helpful for those who can relate to the emotional pain I speak of, or Chloe Gunn’s character in the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – however, these simple things I’m speaking of will empower anyone in whatever state you are today. The fact is, these days I am very well, very strong and positive minded – what I am outlining here is how I’ve managed not only to get that way, but stay that way.

I said in Part 1 – “I make a point now to start my day with even just a chapter or two from a book that promotes empowerment.” It’s very true and such an easy, yet powerful step to start for anyone. It’s doesn’t have to take too much time (so even for those of you who aren’t big readers) – even ONE chapter to start your day will place your mind, and hence your day, on a more powerful, positive path. For me now, I try to begin my day and end my day with a chapter or two from some sort of material that promotes empowerment. Did you know? That when you wake, and just before you sleep, are the two most open and pertinent times to reach your subconscious mind. Hence these are the best times to set your directional mind. But having said that, reading a chapter a day, any part of the day, will help.  choice quote

SO now for the Part 2! I’ve also learned to meditate, and have discovered the power that it brings. And before you stop reading now and say oh, I’m not into doing that…be patient and keep reading a little.

I’m an impatient person and I’m a busy person usually doing all sorts of things, and prefer to be active outside especially when the weather is great. BUT – I have learned that this practice (even in tiny doses) can change me in a positive manner. The truth is now, if things are hectic or I’m overwhelmed I actually crave the few moments of shutting down in meditation – and I’ve found it can change the energy of a situation after doing it.

The fact is: it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. I only devote about 20 minutes a day to this process – and it’s so worth it. (Truthfully even as little of 5 minutes could benefit you.) There are many types of meditation practices (and perhaps I’ll get into more at a later date), but the truth is, you don’t need to know anything profound or fancy to start. Remember: thoughts are our roadblocks, and what we want to accomplish is to take your mind and stand it on the right path it should follow for the day.

Here is what you need to know:

1) You need to get comfortable and close your eyes. (I prefer lying down – some sit with legs crossed – but it doesn’t matter.)

2) I light a Jasmine candle for Scent Conditioning. Scent is a strong memory sensor. Similar to the experiments of Pavlov’s dog, the idea is: the scent of jasmine now settles me. It brings my mind back to the relaxation of meditation. I also use jasmine oil on, say my wrists, to smell throughout the day as a calming effect as a way of bringing my mind back to its center. I know it sounds crazy, but try it! Our minds can easily be conditioned too. The scent you choose doesn’t really matter, but keep it the same.

3) Tell yourself authoritatively what you are about to do. In Part 1 I described how there is a YOU deep inside that can talk and have you obey. This is a great time to use that power.

There is something called Power Words (and I will follow-up with more on that in a continuing Part). For now, let’s just start by telling yourself – with authority – to relax and quiet for meditation.

4) So there you are – in whatever position makes you comfortable – eyes closed – now I use a simple “Tapping” process. (There is a lot to cover on ‘Tapping’ but to start you don’t need to know too much. That’ll be another topic to cover later.) Tapping is based on pressure points and is a science that’s gaining popularity. For me personally, I only ever use this simple version….

Use your middle finger to TAP very firmly between your eyebrows. (As you practice this, you will find that exact spot that feels right.) Several times, keep tapping and as you do tell yourself to release ALL tension – from your head to the very bottom of your feet. RELAX. Let every bit of tension in your body go, as though you’re floating in water. Then tell yourself to release all negativity – release all stress and tension, worry and doubt – all of it – as you breathe in, tell yourself to gather it all – then exhale it all out and away. TAP-BREATHE-RELEASE. Now you’re ready to meditate…

The tapping during this process – for me, and for whatever reason – actually feels like it loosens the negativity inside. I now find it a very soothing process to begin relaxation.

Now, let your body sink……..loose and free of any energy that had you tensing. Think of yourself as sinking, comfortably wrapped in warmth and safety.

5) During the meditation process I wear headphones and listen to a CD (I do like Wayne Dyer’s Getting Into The Gap CD) – but it doesn’t matter what you listen to, if anything at all. Silence is paramount if you go with nothing, however I use CD’s to sort of entrain my mind not focus on anything except the letting-go process at hand. If you go with music, it should be without singing. Or consider meditation or relaxation CD’s. Find the one that works for you.

I suggest using the same CD – eventually just the sound of it will tell your mind it’s time to settle into the process and you’ll find it gets easier and easier to go deeper. Just like rattling the leash tells your dog to get ready for what’s to follow!

The key to meditation is to actually SILENCE your mind. Stop all chatter. Think of nothing. If anything comes in, let it flow through you like clouds on a windy day. This is also why a CD will help. This is why humming or a mantra word is often used – it keeps your focus away from the outside world. The idea here is to allow yourself to try to connect with that very deep part of YOU.

At first it’s natural to find it difficult to settle, and you’ll probably find yourself wondering what is supposed to come out of thinking of nothing?? But you will eventually get it – and you will come to see that this calming time of connecting to your soul, and the source of our creation (that miraculous world of energy around us) is empowering. The point of this is to center us – to bring us back to a centering energy that will also keep us on a path of answers, proper perspective and power. The more negative emotion you harbor, the more power you lose. Meditation can undo that and reverse the effects over time.

It may surprise that many, many famous and powerful people practice meditation regularly. I couldn’t begin to name them all. But the point is there are many as proof who will tell you that it is vital, and it works. One of the most surprising is Howard Stern. Not that everyone is a fan of his – but he is very famously powerful – and he is a big advocate for meditation. My point being, that even the most unlikely people have adopted this power of centering and focus.

And there you have it! Simple tools – minimal time out of your day – and so profoundly powerful – and they do work. It’s all about opening you up to a more powerful mindset, hence path. This is the essential starting point to turning yourself, and your directional path, around. So please, just try it! For a week even…..and you will start to see a change inside. And remember, when things change inside, they will begin to change outside.

As within, so without…” Quote from the Emerald Tablet.

In the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – I describe real tools that I use for personal strength and empowerment – but they’re wrapped in a unique fictional novel to appeal to those who not only do find this help interesting, but also to those who do not subscribe to self-help material or knowledge. I hope it works to entertain people as well as open some positive possibilities and questions about our own inner power and where it comes from. And as always, I’m so grateful for the appreciation I’ve received and I look forward to hearing from more of you!

This is to-be-continued some more….  

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Feeding The Mind & Soul Part 1

I’VE said it before – I love quotes – and I love reading material that strengthens and feeds my mind and soul. At this stage of my life I actually consider that type of reading a necessity. In dealing with emotional pain, depression, sadness or anxiety I have come to the strong belief that to stay “up”, strong or centered absolutely requires food for the mind/soul. But the truth is, even those who feel good would feel even better through the same nourishment. Feeding the mind. We all need it.

Reading is one of the easiest ways to get that nourishment. There is a plethora of material out there to keep you feeding and to help lead you to a stronger YOU. I have so many books (& essays, etc.) under my belt now, and yet I still crave new material. I make a point now to start my day with even just a chapter or two from a book that promotes empowerment. If I don’t, I can honestly say I see and feel the difference.

This part of my life did influence my novel INDUCED AMNESIA. I have been asked about the material in it – metaphysical, self-help and physics – and to which author/speaker could I attribute the material to; and the fact is, it’s an accumulation of many resources that have influenced me over the years. And I know I’ve said this before too – INDUCED AMNESIA is fiction, but there is truth in the help offered there. It has real tools in it. I use them. And they do work.

I will cover more over the next few posts on what helped me beyond clinical depression and keeps me there – but reading is a big starting key. Thoughts are our roadblocks, our real obstacles, our only challenge in any given day – but what we often don’t realize is that they can be controlled. They must be if we want joy and peace within, and reading is like taking your mind and standing it on the right path it should follow for the day, rather than allowing your old habitual patterns to take over and repeat the cycle of thinking that hasn’t served you. We all know the saying on insanity by now…

Here’s the thing – there is that YOU – behind the mind and its chatter that has ability to control you, which includes your thoughts. It’s easy to test – tell yourself to repeat the word ‘ME’ over and over five times. And so your mind does it! But who is that telling you to do that? There is a watcher inside – a soul – energy – that very deep and real YOU – and while it doesn’t seem like it often, this part does have a lot of power and control. We often just remain far too surfaced to stay connected to it. And this is when things can and do overwhelm us, and we drift – but as long as we are breathing and our body is alive, the tether is there holding it and our soul together. The power can always be taken back instead of being allowed to run on auto, which often doesn’t work. (A good book on this is The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer)

I still remember the day – I was at one of my hardest times in life – I had never read anything other than fiction – when my mom called me and said she saw a show talking to a new author and she thought I should get that book. I did, and it changed my life. It was just the start of a road upward, but it absolutely helped point me in a direction I needed and gave me tools to start. That book was A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson. I’ve read it many times since (over the years) and given it to many people as a gift.

So – reading, and quotes, are a very good starting place daily for feeding the mind at the start of your day – for peace, power and joy.

(I’ve only mentioned a couple of books since they are pertinent to this post material, however there’s a world of great books out there, and far too many that I love to list them all. I’ve found when I start to look, the book that’s right for me at that time presents itself.)

This is to-be-continued….  

Find out more on INDUCED AMNESIA @ https://www.amazon.com/author/tyinckrysset   & please don’t forget I do love hearing from you! Comment here or private message me via https://www.facebook.com/tykrysset

In the meantime, below are some quotes I like by an esteemed late century philosopher:

Quotes by psychologist and philosopher, William James William James Quotes

“In the dim background of our mind we know meanwhile what we ought to be doing….but somehow we cannot start….Every moment we expect the spell to break….but it does continue, pulse after pulse, and we float with it….”

“The lunatic’s visions of horror are all drawn from the material of daily fact. Our civilization is founded on the shambles, and every individual existence goes out in a lonely spasm of helpless agony.”

“The stream of thought flows on; but most of its segments fall into the bottomless abyss of oblivion. Of some, no memory survives the instant of their passage. Of others, it is confined to a few moments, hours or days. Others, again, leave vestiges which are indestructible, and by means of which they may be recalled as long as life endures.”

“Beyond the very extreme of fatigue and distress, we may find amounts of ease and power we never dreamed ourselves to own; sources of strength never taxed at all because we never push through the obstruction.”

“If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system.”

“When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.”

“Why should we think upon things that are lovely? Because thinking determines life. It is a common habit to blame life upon the environment. Environment modifies life but does not govern life. The soul is stronger than its surroundings.”

“To perceive the world differently, we must be willing to change our belief system, let the past slip away, expand our sense of now, and dissolve the fear in our minds.”

“Selection is the very keel on which our mental ship is built. And in this case of memory its utility is obvious. If we remembered everything, we should on most occasions be as ill off as if we remembered nothing.”

“Never suffer an exception to occur till the new habit is securely rooted in your life. Each lapse is like the letting fall of a ball of string which one is carefully winding up; a single slip undoes more than a great many turns will wind again.”

“Knowledge about life is one thing; effective occupation of a place in life, with its dynamic currents passing through your being, is another.”

“We may be in the Universe as dogs and cats are in our libraries, seeing the books and hearing the conversation, but having no inkling of the meaning of it all.”

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A Unique Tale To Give Food For Thought

My intent for INDUCED AMNESIA was to give food for thought, to start conversation and hopefully to connect to others who ask some of the same questions of life that I do. There truly is so much to consider – in relation to who we are, why we’re here and what we really are; and then how to gain some control over it all – even science is now beginning to ask some of those very questions, and answering some of them.

INDUCED AMNESIA is a work of fiction, yet it confronts reality and turns the reader with a metaphysical spin. It’s a journey of one girl’s fall to her knees and the road back up. It’s fact and truth wrapped in a unique tale.

Yes, the story starts out depressing –

“It’s never one thing that pulls you under. It’s always an accumulation. Like a bud of snow that starts rolling downward – in no time, it’s a snowball that can turn destructive and deadly.”

“The love of my life implied things, said things and promised things – and all of it got wrapped together and pushed into my chest like a cannonball.”

“Love – it can heal or destroy. It can leave you feeling weightless and free, or weighted and dying – wings or chains.”

“It’s a journey, downward yes, but still a journey. Like a moth drawn to a flame, it was impossible to consider not following deep inside.”

Then it turns into a metaphysical dream beyond conscious awareness – it separates reality and begins to answer why and how –

“We all have low points, times when we’ve fallen. It’s how we recover, whether or not we stand again, that determines who we are and our future.”quote



Everything you are, everything you know, is a physical piece of the brain. It’s a place that can be accessed, and altered, however small, when located specifically. Alteration requires a physical change of the synapses of the brain. It’s all about electromechanical brain functioning. Even our emotional input and reactions – all connected to the prefrontal cortex – are a simple chemical reaction.

What if we can create a completely new existence, by creating a new, healthy mind; one that knows only peace, happiness, strength; one that’s resistant to negativity and fear? What if we can manifest a physical change that produces a profound, strong mind emotionally, intellectually and even, spiritually; one that can withstand the ugliness of this world; one that cannot comprehend weakness, failure or surrender? What if we can undo all damage done to the psyche and reprogram it with perfect balance?

What if?? It’s a big question – huge even. It’s a rabbit hole that can just keep getting deeper and deeper. Great fiction concept for sure, but what if it’s not just fiction? Many of us are on our way to knowledge and power already, and this novel offers some of those concepts – knowledge that is truth – and hopefully it helps you and starts you on a journey of power and peace within.

TO all of you helping SHARE, LIKE, Review and talk about the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – I want you to know how very grateful & appreciative I am!!! Just letting others know it’s there, as well as “talking” about it in any form via the internet is so vital for people to start finding their way to it, so  THANK YOU!!!


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Here is the early praise for INDUCED AMNESIA – comments that I am so grateful for – particularly being that it’s an unusual novel, filled with darkness and light, meant to start conversation and hopefully offer interesting food for thought.

In his review for The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath – Robert Scholes, New York Times Book Review asked – “The great question posed by all truly realistic fiction: What is reality and how can it be confronted?”

The first response that came to me was: inner consciousness – that deep recessed part of ourselves that too often goes unheard and is only often found in moments of pain and beyond subconscious depths. Where best to find that but deep inside an amnesia dream?

Reader Reviews:

“I devoured this enlightening book.  It makes you think and feel, and stays with you long after the last page.”

“I finished the book this morning at the gym. I’ve been holding on to the last 30 pages because I didn’t want it to end! So the last few pages I was crying on the treadmill when Victoria went to visit Chloe! Btw. Hard to do cardio and cry! I didn’t see that coming but felt the ending was going to be a great and unexpected…….I want this to be a movie so I can meet Chloe! You are an amazing writer!!”

“It took a few pages but then I couldn’t put it down.  It’s a spiritual awakening to how our lives can be affected by our unique perspective on life. Beautifully written.”

“Hard to put down once you get started. It is very insightful. It makes you think about perception of things.”

“This book is like a more tragic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

“The story was interesting and different than anything I’ve ever read….. Then we get to the end, which is very powerful and nothing like I expected, nothing.”

“When I saw the book I knew I had to read this!! The concept is very intriguing. There is a lot of drama and sadness in the story and it is also well written……….Overall the book is a must read. I would recommend it with 4 stars.”

Find out more about INDUCED AMNESIA @ https://www.amazon.com/author/tyinckrysset

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Another Sneaky Peek – Chloe’s Aha Moment

HERE’s another sneaky peek into the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – This excerpt is the beginning of Chloe Gunn’s (main character) surgery. Leading to this moment has been a collage of reflection on her past and the pain it left her with, as well as her inability yet longing to deal with it. And just as she is about to undergo a procedure to voluntarily induce amnesia, we get to witness Chloe’s aha moment…..


With the guidance of Dr. M and Alicia, Chloe takes sorry little steps toward the operation table. She’s suddenly very cold and begins to shiver. Alicia removes Chloe’s housecoat and passes it over the table to Dana.

“I’m cold,” Chloe tries to say, but it takes a lot of effort.

“I know,” Dr. M says soothingly. “You won’t be for long.”

Chloe looks around the sterile room. Everyone is watching her with solemn empathetic looks on their faces. Alicia slips her arms under Chloe’s from behind as Dr. M explains “We’re going to lift you onto the table.” He helps lift her up. With a quick fluid motion, Chloe is laid gently on the operating table.

Chloe’s body is pulsing with rigid movement as the cold shivers intensify. Dana adjusts a pillow beneath Chloe’s knees as Alicia loosens the back of Chloe’s gown and then carefully situates her head in a molded headrest. The light above Chloe is blindingly bright and she blinks against it trying to shut it out.

Alicia touches Chloe’s shoulder affectionately before stepping back.

A year and a half of pain…

Dana leans down and whispers to Chloe, “Just keep breathing.”

A demon riding my back…

Someone lifts the front of Chloe’s gown, but she can’t tell who, and they place monitors on her chest.

A plague of disappointment, loss and fear…

Dr. M moves into her eye line, “Chloe? Can you hear me?”

I want to leave this place. “Yes.”

“We’re about to begin. Do you have any second thoughts?”

I want to get it right next time. “No.” That wasn’t the real me.

“Are you ready to begin, Chloe?”


The doctor rests his hand on Chloe’s shoulder. “You’re going to be more than fine,” he says reassuringly.

Chloe takes a deep breath and exhales, and with a glimmer of instant clarity, she says, “It’s me.” Oh my god, it’s me who’s the enemy. I’m the one who’s weak. “I stripped myself of everything.” It’s me. I did this. “I am ready for you to take that part of me that could do that.” That part – that’s not a part of my soul. You can’t destroy anything that I haven’t beaten you to already.

Dr. M smiles at her. “Good, then let’s believe you’ll find that bridge to something far better.”

Let go completely…

Dana holds Chloe’s hand.

Dr. M nods to someone across the room.

It’s me…

“Chloe, I want you to start counting back from ten,” Dr. M says.

“Ten.” I’m the pain. “Nine.” I’m the demon. “Eight.” I created it all…

A wave of peace sweeps Chloe up and she’s so very thankful for it. She offers no resistance and allows it to carry her far away.

Check out INDUCED AMNESIA today!  http://amzn.to/JZL0yF

“The storms of your life become the violence of your mind.”

~from Your Sacred Self by Wayne Dyer.

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed it!    ~TCK

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Induced Amnesia: Metaphysical Novel Fuses Fact & Fiction, Bringing ‘Dark Side’ of Depression Out into the Open.

Induced Amnesia: Metaphysical Novel Fuses Fact & Fiction, Bringing ‘Dark Side’ of Depression Out into the Open.  (Press Release)

Tyin C. Krysset’s new novel begs the question – would you volunteer to undergo induced amnesia and give up every memory you have? To the ten million Americans suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, the opportunity may not be so out of this world. Exploring this question through fiction, ‘Induced Amnesia‘ is already resonating with readers around the world.

Toronto, Ontario – With depression on a wide-spread rise, the raw and unfortunate suicide statistics naturally climb in correlation. However, a hard-hitting new novel by Tyin C. Krysset tells the story of one depression victim who avoids a longing for death through the most unlikely of saviors – voluntary induced Amnesia.

Induced Amnesia’ is as much a book of far-out fiction as it is a self-help guide; creating a public dialogue about the dark side of depression that cripples the lives of millions whose realities just didn’t pan out as expected.


Imagine feeling so much pain that you would be willing to give up every memory and every person you know to start over – absolutely nothing left behind you and only a new slate to look forward to – providing you live through the process.

Chloe Gunn has everything any young girl should want, yet she wants to die, and just can’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she volunteers for an unprecedented medical trial to induce amnesia where the answer seems simple: erase her mind and erase the pain.

Drowning in pain, Chloe begins to sleepwalk through her own life, doing whatever she can to numb the ache. Even when she survives a horrific car crash, her low-spirited view is unrelenting. So, when Chloe discovers an ad for an amnesia-inducing experiment in a medical journal, it shines like a beacon.

And Chloe isn’t alone. Even the young, beautiful, rich and famous actress, Victoria Palmer has become intimately acquainted with the slippery hole of depression – miles across the country – and craves any desperate escape out as well. Will she find it before it becomes too late?

The book’s narrative aims to kick-start a conversation about depression, as tough as it may be.

“Everyone starts out in life with a vision for their success and happiness. However, the realities of life often get in the way and every day can cease being an opportunity to grow and can instead become a demonic hell. However, if we push depression behind closed doors we can never fight it. There are weapons that can be used, even for the most aggressive types of clinical depression. Still, they’ll only exist if we come together and start a dialogue,” says Krysset.

Continuing, “Humanity is growing apart and we need to bind our spirits on a physical level to help those fighting depression’s daily grind. Many who suffer, especially men, are too afraid or embarrassed to seek treatment. Chloe represents every victim living with depression today. While she found her own solace, I hoping this can be a start for others to find theirs – I hope my book gives them plenty to think about.”

Early reviews for the book have been positive. For example, one reader commented, “I devoured this enlightening book. It makes you think and feel, and stays with you long after the last page.”

“It took a few pages but then I couldn’t put it down.  It’s a spiritual awakening to how our lives can be affected by our unique perspective on life. Beautifully written.”

Induced Amnesia is available now: http://amzn.to/JZL0yF

More information can be found on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1a4id1K

or at Author Central https://www.amazon.com/author/tyinckrysset

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Overcoming Anything – The Secret

CHOICE is a powerful word. The book The Secret has been intensely popular (of which, I too, am a fan) – and it is truth – but the very, very first step to power, the real SECRET – to overcoming anything – IS choice. It all will start right there. So simple really – and I know that it doesn’t seem like that in the depths of emotional pain or depression – but I have been there, and it starts there. Believe me. That first tiny step – choicea real one – is where providence will begin to turn. If it’s a real choice, the universe will suddenly turn its head to look right at you. If that choice is backed by sincerity and action, then you have its attention and support. If you wane, then the universe will look away.choice quote

Choosing the seed and following by action, any action, however small, that supports it. That is the start up.

“….pain is a lesson only, meant to guide us and be left behind, forgotten. This world is pre-school for the soul, and nothing more. It needs not to be taken so seriously. Control your focus. Every thought, every feeling, in every moment, either strengthens or weakens – with every given second, we grow or wither, we strengthen or begin to die. So, choose to see the beauty of this world, draw love in, embrace joy and peace, and let everything else go. In terms of what you are, and where you’re going – everything else will mean nothing.”

“Connecting to our powerful birthright is as simple as a choice – so choose to reconnect back to your power. Meditate to maintain a peaceful, grateful spirit, ask for guidance, and control your chattering, wandering mind. Focus only on what you want, and release all negative feelings. Remember you are infinite, powerful and creative – you are part of a magnificent cosmic universe that out-shines the most stunning beauty you can imagine, it holds the most profound love you could ever feel here in physical form and we are all – every one of us, every cell, every atom – connected, related and joined. And the day will come, when the tether will break, and we’ll be released back to our source, back to our creator, back into and beyond the galaxy of stars, back into love, back into pure and full release, back into bliss. Have your soul’s eyes opened? Have you found your purpose? Have you learned how easy peace is to maintain? I have. Meditate and control your inner dialogue. Focus. And always hold onto peace and love, letting everything else go. It’s just that simple. Who knew.” ~Excerpt from INDUCED AMNESIA

THE start to 2014 is a great point to begin a dialogue on emotional pain and depression – for those who suffer with it and recognizing and talking to those who do. Let’s help STOP the stigma. That is why I chose to release INDUCED AMNESIA first. Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s story with a lot of truth in it. My other books are quite different – and that’s ok. Maybe even more marketable. But I wanted to connect with people first – and hopefully my novel helps do that. There is real pain out there, and so many know it intimately, but so often we don’t connect with each other and it’s real easy to feel so alone during those times. If you are in pain, KNOW you are NOT alone. There are billions who understand. And I’m one.

I’m also one who knows there is hope beyond it, power to be found and a way brighter dawn. My love to all of you who support this!! Blessing & power for 2014!!


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To find out more on INDUCED AMNESIA go to – https://www.amazon.com/author/tyinckrysset

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People Are Emotionally Diseased

“People are emotionally diseased. We’re toxic and contagious, and very few people see that.”

THE words are Chloe Gunn’s – the main character in the debut novel INDUCED AMNESIA. They’re heavy words spoken by someone who is being pushed under by depression and sadness. Harsh words maybe, but any one of us can say we’ve felt the same sentiment, even briefly, at one time or another.

Looking into the face of the coming New Year 2014, it may seem like a strange topic to focus on – but the reality is – this is a stressful time of year – a time where inner demons do manage to surface for so many, even when they successfully seem to manage them any other time of the year. Even though my own life is good and positive now (though I’ve known clinical depression intimately in the past), I find there are things that surface and have me oddly pondering, always around this time of year. It’s dawned on me that I cannot be the only one.

“You know,” Chloe says to Dr. Kilger, “here’s the thing, the real thing I’ve come to realize and maybe,” she whispers the last two words, “it’s the real reason I’m here.”

Dr. Kilger says nothing. She just waits.

“I just don’t know if it’s me and the people in my life, or everyone out there, but people are fucked. And the scary part is they don’t seem to see it. I do. I’m drowning in it some days. People are emotionally diseased. We’re toxic and contagious, and very few people see that. I’m repulsed by it, and overwhelmed by it. Yet every person in my life has it and doesn’t seem to even notice it. Every person including me, but I’m the only one seeing it.”

Chloe’s words are disturbing and bleak. You are either reading this thinking: this is not the world I live in and I don’t want to look at this side of it, OR – this is a place you recognize, a side of thinking you’ve seen, and a place you very much don’t want to be true about the world we live in.

“What are you seeing, Chloe?”

“People just don’t really care about others. It’s all about them. And everything’s disposable – their family, their marriage, integrity, the self-esteem of others, love. When I start looking at the people I know and listening to them, it’s shocking to me how many of them want to leave their spouse because she hasn’t lost the baby weight, how they’ll do any kind of drug to build muscle, even if it means a stroke or heart attack, cheating on their spouses. One guy at work even sat there telling a bunch of us, that after the second kid, his wife wanted him to have a vasectomy, and he told her not a chance that he would allow anyone in his business snipping away. I explain that for a woman, it’s a far more serious operation that requires general anesthetic. He cracked off that he didn’t care, that she was used to having her feet in stirrups anyway.”

Chloe looks directly at Dr. Kilger, “It doesn’t matter what she’s been through carrying and delivering two children; the embarrassment, the pain. And there I am, sitting and wondering – am I the only one who sees this guy for what he is? Everyone else just sat nodding.”

Yes, there is a side to being human that can be ugly or callous. We’ve all seen it. We’ve even displayed it at times ourselves. None of us are perfect. BUT – that is not the whole of us. That’s not even the reality of us. Life isn’t all beauty or perfection. But what we all need to remember is that we weren’t born here for beauty and perfection. This is school, kids. The secret key is to LEARN from it. Take the lesson from the hurt to heart, and then leave it where it happened. What is it they say……?  “The sweet is never as sweet without the sour.”  So true.

Great lessons, inspiring lessons, our individual power, wisdom, real truth, real love – it’s all found through the pain and ugliness of being human. And what we get to take away can often turn out to be a diamond – a shining piece of beauty, brilliant and tough.

“What did you do?” asks Dr. Kilger.

“Nothing. What can be done, really? It’s just one example of the rampant disease out there, a disease people won’t acknowledge, won’t try to heal; and in fact, work hard to ignore or blame elsewhere. We’ve become a society great at not taking responsibility. By the way, I know I’m diseased as well. This world’s turning into a diseased melting pot of toxic thoughts and emotions. And even when some of us see it, it’s become a losing battle to change it. That’s why I need to leave this place.”

At this point, Candace Kilger takes a seat across the table from Chloe. She starts to say something, and then stops. She thinks for a moment. “Yes, there are many people in pain consciously, and unconsciously. And it’s become a problem that many are aware of. Why do you think we’re here? The medical community recognizes the rise in negativity, apathy and a general disconnection to how we were meant to function in a mental and emotional capacity. And you’re not alone, Chloe. For all those who choose to ignore their negative and toxic level of consciousness, there are millions more who do feel it, and see it and want to find some escape from it. Look at the self-help industry, and the boom of awareness it attracts and cultivates.”

“From where I’m sitting,” Chloe looks at the doctor in weary contempt, “it doesn’t look like that awareness is winning.”

This is only the beginning for Chloe in INDUCED AMNESIA. Her journey takes her beyond the feelings she’s trying to convey, far beyond. The important thing to remember is that last statement only feels true for Chloe in that moment. It isn’t really true – not for her, not for any of you who can relate to it.

That’s not who we are. Joy and pain – two sides of the same coin – life is all about choices and perceptions, actions and reactions. We all make mistakes and we all know what it does to our consciousness to be on either end of them. And sometimes…….the weight of it takes us down to our knees.

So – on the cusp of 2014, this is a call to be better……perhaps it’s a beginning for many of us, like Chloe Gunn. But remember, these things that weigh down on us – the events, the people, the feelings – are not lasting. Just like Grade One came to an end, and Grade Two was a new beginning, so too is the reality of emotional pain and weariness. You have only to learn the lesson, and then make the choice to leave it behind – like trees that you pass by on a hike to higher ground – you see them, touch them and then regardless of their beauty/sparseness or softness/thorny presentation – you walk on by and look ahead, at new trees, the horizon (full of possibility) and the future.

Candace Kilger shifts with a sigh, and then sits on the conference table across from Chloe. The doctor smiles uncharacteristically. “Life is complicated. But the truth is,” whispers Kilger, “it’s really all about perspective. I promise you, Chloe. And with any luck, you’ll view this world in a very different light in a couple of weeks.”

Looking like a small frail child, Chloe sits sunken into her chair.

“Let’s continue documenting your past, Chloe. The sooner we finish, the sooner you can move on….” Excerpt from INDUCED AMNESIA

“This is an insane world, and do not underestimate the extent of its insanity. There is no area of your perception that it has not touched.”  Quote from A Course In Miracles


Wishing all of you a strong and empowering 2014 xo!!

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