Feeding The Mind & Soul Part 3

ON any given day for most of us our souls feel more like they’ve been tumbling in an ocean – pressed under by one emotion after another, pulled in different directions, unsure of where we need to be, sure we aren’t where we want to be – making us feel at our core as if we’ve lost our way cosmically, emotionally and even mentally. And in this process, our body gets caught up too. Whatever that mind of yours is holding onto affects every mechanical aspect of what makes up YOU, and that includes how you feel physically. I’ve been there. And I’ve learned about feeding the mind & soul – and I discuss some basic simple tools in my recent novel INDUCED AMNESIA – now in this short series, I’m attempting to explain those tools and how they can be used to help you maintain power despite the ocean.

Thoughts are our power being directed, and they are our roadblocks. Your mind is your real obstacle but the good news is it can be controlled. Most of us just don’t do it.quote8

“Anytime you feel stuck, listen to what you are thinking. Those thoughts are perhaps more responsible for your outward dilemma than any external obstacle.” ~The Purpose Of Your Life by Carol Adrienne

Your FOCUS = your PATH in life. THOUGHTS affect your PATH. And your PATH affects your SOUL. Which is why centering YOU is the key. Centering your THOUGHTS will center your SOUL, and thereby control your PATH.

In the turmoil of tumbling in the ocean ignore the chaos outside you – STEP ONE is take control of your thoughts inside. Trust me; it will begin a profound, positive change on the environment outside you. In the previous Parts I covered simple, easy tools for achieving this and maintaining it:

1) Reading empowering material – even just one chapter to start your day every day.

2)Meditation – relax and release tension first, then even if for 15 minutes daily – silence your mind and only listen. Stilling the chaos or confusion is paramount to moving ahead.

These tools when practiced daily are powerful ingredients to bring you back to a center of peace, and it’s in this state that our soul can find and then focus on its path, as well as converse with its source for guidance.

“….You don’t have to live there. It’s time for you to start pushing out negative thoughts like fear – it’s normal that they come to you, but when they do, you push them away now; you don’t think on them or entertain them; those thoughts aren’t what’s true for you – instead, you clear space inside you, and still all thought; relax and allow your mind to just float. You do this, and it’ll find your spirit. Listen to that small voice deep inside, and your intuition will tell you what to do, and how to deal with whatever faces you, I promise.” ~ excerpt INDUCED AMNESIA

For many the meditative process seems boring or difficult at first. We live in such a busy, fast-paced world now that slowing down for even a few short moments in silence seems impossible. But I urge you to begin – as said even very short sessions are immensely beneficial. Give yourself a period of 21 days to adapt and weigh out the consequence of benefit. In the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, he points out how it usually requires a minimum of 21 days to “effect any perceptible change….to jell”. And this aspect relates to any psycho-perception such as moving into a new house, overcoming a phantom limb sensation or even a cosmetic change in appearance.

“The greatest rewards of meditation, however, arise from effects that carry over beyond the actual meditative state into your waking life – a state known as cosmic consciousness.” ~Transcendence by Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal

The more negative emotion you harbor, the more power you lose. Meditation can undo that and reverse the effects over time.

“It starts with how you feel – it’s not about what you did or you do; it’s all about your feeling inside first. Every thought, every feeling, in every moment, either strengthens or weakens you – with every given second, you grow or whither, you strengthen or begin to die.” ~ excerpt INDUCED AMNESIA

There’s so much more to these tools – and I’ll continue to discuss some of what I’ve discovered along my journey to getting stronger and staying well mentally and emotionally. But here in this series of feeding the mind & soul you have an easy, yet powerful starting point. I’ve been lost in that ocean – I’ve felt like I was drowning and would never come up to feeling well or strong again – but I did, and this series is the simple offering of how. Now these little practices are a part of my daily life. Missing only a few days will begin to show within me.

“Draw peace in, center yourself in it, and then remind yourself very clearly of what you want to feel and what you want to accomplish. Everything else must be let go. And don’t forget to think about the things you’re grateful for. Then, stop all thought, stop the inner dialogue completely and allow yourself to follow and listen to the energy that created you. Connect back to it and throughout the day call on it when you feel yourself drifting out of that peaceful state. So when you face any confusion, fear, anxiety or pain in your day, remind yourself to breathe deeply, repeat the word of what you want to connect to and in that brief moment of reconnecting, you’ll instantly feel better. It will center you back on the track of your true desire when experiences jolt us unsteady or off the track.” ~ excerpt INDUCED AMNESIAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Take your power back. Quiet your mind, focus only on PEACE – breathe it in……..and then, start to listen. There is that YOU, deep within, that IS connected to so much more than you know. When you quiet that mind, relax your body and listen – that YOU will talk to you, and guide you – back to a path of joy, peace and ease. Just try….

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