A Unique Tale To Give Food For Thought

My intent for INDUCED AMNESIA was to give food for thought, to start conversation and hopefully to connect to others who ask some of the same questions of life that I do. There truly is so much to consider – in relation to who we are, why we’re here and what we really are; and then how to gain some control over it all – even science is now beginning to ask some of those very questions, and answering some of them.

INDUCED AMNESIA is a work of fiction, yet it confronts reality and turns the reader with a metaphysical spin. It’s a journey of one girl’s fall to her knees and the road back up. It’s fact and truth wrapped in a unique tale.

Yes, the story starts out depressing –

“It’s never one thing that pulls you under. It’s always an accumulation. Like a bud of snow that starts rolling downward – in no time, it’s a snowball that can turn destructive and deadly.”

“The love of my life implied things, said things and promised things – and all of it got wrapped together and pushed into my chest like a cannonball.”

“Love – it can heal or destroy. It can leave you feeling weightless and free, or weighted and dying – wings or chains.”

“It’s a journey, downward yes, but still a journey. Like a moth drawn to a flame, it was impossible to consider not following deep inside.”

Then it turns into a metaphysical dream beyond conscious awareness – it separates reality and begins to answer why and how –

“We all have low points, times when we’ve fallen. It’s how we recover, whether or not we stand again, that determines who we are and our future.”quote



Everything you are, everything you know, is a physical piece of the brain. It’s a place that can be accessed, and altered, however small, when located specifically. Alteration requires a physical change of the synapses of the brain. It’s all about electromechanical brain functioning. Even our emotional input and reactions – all connected to the prefrontal cortex – are a simple chemical reaction.

What if we can create a completely new existence, by creating a new, healthy mind; one that knows only peace, happiness, strength; one that’s resistant to negativity and fear? What if we can manifest a physical change that produces a profound, strong mind emotionally, intellectually and even, spiritually; one that can withstand the ugliness of this world; one that cannot comprehend weakness, failure or surrender? What if we can undo all damage done to the psyche and reprogram it with perfect balance?

What if?? It’s a big question – huge even. It’s a rabbit hole that can just keep getting deeper and deeper. Great fiction concept for sure, but what if it’s not just fiction? Many of us are on our way to knowledge and power already, and this novel offers some of those concepts – knowledge that is truth – and hopefully it helps you and starts you on a journey of power and peace within.

TO all of you helping SHARE, LIKE, Review and talk about the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – I want you to know how very grateful & appreciative I am!!! Just letting others know it’s there, as well as “talking” about it in any form via the internet is so vital for people to start finding their way to it, so  THANK YOU!!!


Find out more @    https://www.amazon.com/author/tyinckrysset & as always I love hearing from you!

You can also visit INDUCED AMNESIA‘s Facebook Page @   https://www.facebook.com/InducedAmnesia

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Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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3 Responses to A Unique Tale To Give Food For Thought

  1. I have enjoyed what I’ve read of Induced Amnesia. It’s full of insightful comments. Sadly I could find no place on your Facebook page to “Like” or make any connection. I will happily share you on my page http://www.facebook.com/joyisachoice. Thank you for sharing your talents.

    • Thanks for the comment – and I have heard that by a few others recently. INDUCED AMNESIA does have it’s own FB Page (http://www.facebook.com/InducedAmnesia) and perhaps I need to start working from it more. Many “fans” have friended me on my FB personal Page and I suppose follow links etc. from there – however, I’m always very interested in helpful information. As much as I love writing – sadly – I am not much of a computer/social media person lol! I appreciate your comment and offer! Certainly I always appreciate followers and feedback here on my blog site as well! Again thank you so much! best, Ty.

  2. Thank you for your response. I think I posted a link today, or perhaps scheduled it for tomorrow. I’m a computer person to a certain degree but since I am sole Administrator for four pages of my own & have been asked by several others to be Admin. I just can’t spread my limited energy that thin. I am attempting to learn how to work with the other pages for it will be of benefit to me in the big scope of things.

    I’ll check out the facebook page. If you want to check out my personal page it’s http://www.facebook.com/carolyninjoy-life I post a lot so I always want people to take a look before I send a friend request. So, if interested, send a FR my direction.

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