Overcoming Anything – The Secret

CHOICE is a powerful word. The book The Secret has been intensely popular (of which, I too, am a fan) – and it is truth – but the very, very first step to power, the real SECRET – to overcoming anything – IS choice. It all will start right there. So simple really – and I know that it doesn’t seem like that in the depths of emotional pain or depression – but I have been there, and it starts there. Believe me. That first tiny step – choicea real one – is where providence will begin to turn. If it’s a real choice, the universe will suddenly turn its head to look right at you. If that choice is backed by sincerity and action, then you have its attention and support. If you wane, then the universe will look away.choice quote

Choosing the seed and following by action, any action, however small, that supports it. That is the start up.

“….pain is a lesson only, meant to guide us and be left behind, forgotten. This world is pre-school for the soul, and nothing more. It needs not to be taken so seriously. Control your focus. Every thought, every feeling, in every moment, either strengthens or weakens – with every given second, we grow or wither, we strengthen or begin to die. So, choose to see the beauty of this world, draw love in, embrace joy and peace, and let everything else go. In terms of what you are, and where you’re going – everything else will mean nothing.”

“Connecting to our powerful birthright is as simple as a choice – so choose to reconnect back to your power. Meditate to maintain a peaceful, grateful spirit, ask for guidance, and control your chattering, wandering mind. Focus only on what you want, and release all negative feelings. Remember you are infinite, powerful and creative – you are part of a magnificent cosmic universe that out-shines the most stunning beauty you can imagine, it holds the most profound love you could ever feel here in physical form and we are all – every one of us, every cell, every atom – connected, related and joined. And the day will come, when the tether will break, and we’ll be released back to our source, back to our creator, back into and beyond the galaxy of stars, back into love, back into pure and full release, back into bliss. Have your soul’s eyes opened? Have you found your purpose? Have you learned how easy peace is to maintain? I have. Meditate and control your inner dialogue. Focus. And always hold onto peace and love, letting everything else go. It’s just that simple. Who knew.” ~Excerpt from INDUCED AMNESIA

THE start to 2014 is a great point to begin a dialogue on emotional pain and depression – for those who suffer with it and recognizing and talking to those who do. Let’s help STOP the stigma. That is why I chose to release INDUCED AMNESIA first. Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s story with a lot of truth in it. My other books are quite different – and that’s ok. Maybe even more marketable. But I wanted to connect with people first – and hopefully my novel helps do that. There is real pain out there, and so many know it intimately, but so often we don’t connect with each other and it’s real easy to feel so alone during those times. If you are in pain, KNOW you are NOT alone. There are billions who understand. And I’m one.

I’m also one who knows there is hope beyond it, power to be found and a way brighter dawn. My love to all of you who support this!! Blessing & power for 2014!!


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To find out more on INDUCED AMNESIA go to – https://www.amazon.com/author/tyinckrysset

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1 Response to Overcoming Anything – The Secret

  1. “So, chose to see the beauty of this world, draw love in, embrace joy and peace, and let everything else go.” “Connecting to our powerful birthright is as simple as a choice – so chose to reconnect back to your power.” In both sentences, the word chose should be choose. Other than that VERY minor suggestion, the rest is brilliantly written prose. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    I focus on that because my very creed is Joy is a choice. Choose joy moment by moment. I’ve faced the darkness. I dove into the very depths of my depression & wasn’t sure for a brief period which way was up. By God’s grace I was able to survive. After recovering from a near death experience nine years ago I found my purpose. And other than debilitating chronic pain, I’m stronger & healthier mentally & emotionally than any other time in my life.

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