Revised New Edition of INDUCED AMNESIA

A newly revised edition of INDUCED AMNESIA will be released via publisher BookBaby soon! The new copy will include a new cover.AMNESIAcover3

While the were some small editing revisions made to the coming new to-be-released version, it really is more about the new cover and renewed interest in the novel as well as the topic of mental health.

I’m so glad to see the current awareness toward depression and other mental health disorders being brought to light. With suicide and depression at an all-time high, it’s so vital that the stigma be lifted and very real chemical diseases be open for discussion and understanding. These are health diseases just like other very real health threats such as Diabetes and Thyroid disease. We need to be able to discuss these topics openly and find support among our peers – peers who may not have had to deal personally with such issues, but are now aware of how very real and damaging these diseases are. For mental disease, support and understanding is paramount and vital to those fighting it.

INDUCED AMNESIA – while it is a fictional novel on a fictional topic – does center around depression and the very real reality of it. It’s been described as ” a portrait of depression that opens into profound self-help awakening.” It’s a must-read for any who enjoyed books such as: The Bell Jar, Prozac Nation, Veronika Decides To Die, Girl, Interrupted, A Million Little Pieces and even Celestine Prophecy. Explore the dark side of depression and the enlightening wisdom that emerges in the newly revised novel INDUCED AMNESIA today!

“The quiet is when the pain comes over me with a heavy sweep, in a torrent gaining force by night silence. The day noises of friends, co-workers, strangers, anybody – are usually enough to keep the swell low and yet, they don’t know that, these people; and so, they get busy, they go home, they forget about me – and ever slowly each night, I’m pulled down again. It’s a cycle. I’m broken – and every night, I feel the ruin.”

“By morning, I’m back, craving the noise again, seeking solace in other people – desperately needing it. Over time though, this tidal flow has weakened me. It’s pushed my longing for freedom into an obsession. My strength to fight is gone, and far more profound than the heartache is that my soul has started to slip away, separating from its core and aching for another place – but that’s not what really frightens me. The cold truth is the fact that I want to disappear with it. I’m craving and reaching for true freedom, for death. Yes, that’s it – death or something like it.” ~excerpt INDUCED AMNESIA

Reader Reviews:

“I devoured this enlightening book.  It makes you think and feel, and stays with you long after the last page.”

“I finished the book this morning at the gym. I’ve been holding on to the last 30 pages because I didn’t want it to end! So the last few pages I was crying on the treadmill when Victoria went to visit Chloe! Btw. Hard to do cardio and cry! I didn’t see that coming but felt the ending was going to be a great and unexpected…….I want this to be a movie so I can meet Chloe! You are an amazing writer!!”

“It took a few pages but then I couldn’t put it down.  It’s a spiritual awakening to how our lives can be affected by our unique perspective on life. Beautifully written.”

“Hard to put down once you get started. It is very insightful. It makes you think about perception of things.”

“This book is like a more tragic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

“The story was interesting and different than anything I’ve ever read….. Then we get to the end, which is very powerful and nothing like I expected, nothing.”

“When I saw the book I knew I had to read this!! The concept is very intriguing. There is a lot of drama and sadness in the story and it is also well written……….Overall the book is a must read. I would recommend it with 4 stars.”

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