Induced Amnesia: Metaphysical Novel Fuses Fact & Fiction, Bringing ‘Dark Side’ of Depression Out into the Open.

Induced Amnesia: Metaphysical Novel Fuses Fact & Fiction, Bringing ‘Dark Side’ of Depression Out into the Open.  (Press Release)

Tyin C. Krysset’s new novel begs the question – would you volunteer to undergo induced amnesia and give up every memory you have? To the ten million Americans suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, the opportunity may not be so out of this world. Exploring this question through fiction, ‘Induced Amnesia‘ is already resonating with readers around the world.

Toronto, Ontario – With depression on a wide-spread rise, the raw and unfortunate suicide statistics naturally climb in correlation. However, a hard-hitting new novel by Tyin C. Krysset tells the story of one depression victim who avoids a longing for death through the most unlikely of saviors – voluntary induced Amnesia.

Induced Amnesia’ is as much a book of far-out fiction as it is a self-help guide; creating a public dialogue about the dark side of depression that cripples the lives of millions whose realities just didn’t pan out as expected.


Imagine feeling so much pain that you would be willing to give up every memory and every person you know to start over – absolutely nothing left behind you and only a new slate to look forward to – providing you live through the process.

Chloe Gunn has everything any young girl should want, yet she wants to die, and just can’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she volunteers for an unprecedented medical trial to induce amnesia where the answer seems simple: erase her mind and erase the pain.

Drowning in pain, Chloe begins to sleepwalk through her own life, doing whatever she can to numb the ache. Even when she survives a horrific car crash, her low-spirited view is unrelenting. So, when Chloe discovers an ad for an amnesia-inducing experiment in a medical journal, it shines like a beacon.

And Chloe isn’t alone. Even the young, beautiful, rich and famous actress, Victoria Palmer has become intimately acquainted with the slippery hole of depression – miles across the country – and craves any desperate escape out as well. Will she find it before it becomes too late?

The book’s narrative aims to kick-start a conversation about depression, as tough as it may be.

“Everyone starts out in life with a vision for their success and happiness. However, the realities of life often get in the way and every day can cease being an opportunity to grow and can instead become a demonic hell. However, if we push depression behind closed doors we can never fight it. There are weapons that can be used, even for the most aggressive types of clinical depression. Still, they’ll only exist if we come together and start a dialogue,” says Krysset.

Continuing, “Humanity is growing apart and we need to bind our spirits on a physical level to help those fighting depression’s daily grind. Many who suffer, especially men, are too afraid or embarrassed to seek treatment. Chloe represents every victim living with depression today. While she found her own solace, I hoping this can be a start for others to find theirs – I hope my book gives them plenty to think about.”

Early reviews for the book have been positive. For example, one reader commented, “I devoured this enlightening book. It makes you think and feel, and stays with you long after the last page.”

“It took a few pages but then I couldn’t put it down.  It’s a spiritual awakening to how our lives can be affected by our unique perspective on life. Beautifully written.”

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