Feeding The Mind & Soul Part 2

ON my path in life so far I’ve had some great ups, and some great downs. Those ‘down’ times though felt like they would destroy me then. Honestly, there was a part of me that thought I could never really recover – that I would never fully stand again so-to-speak – but I did, and I’ve even learned to stand straight and tall. I learned about feeding the mind & soul and how very, very necessary it is. And this isn’t about religion, but I guess yes, it’s about spirituality. We all have that thing deep inside – but no matter what you call it, whether we talk about it to others or admit to it aloud, we have that very deep inner knowing of something that’s bigger than our body, that something that craves deeper purpose – that small, quiet voice buried far inside somewhere that whispers sometimes. It’s that part of you – after you feel destroyed by pain – that still haunts you into thinking you can recover, you can stand again and there is a way up and out of that pain, even if it sounds like the tiniest of whispers.

Now last time I said it, but I’ll say it again – what I’ve learned and am sharing is helpful for those who can relate to the emotional pain I speak of, or Chloe Gunn’s character in the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – however, these simple things I’m speaking of will empower anyone in whatever state you are today. The fact is, these days I am very well, very strong and positive minded – what I am outlining here is how I’ve managed not only to get that way, but stay that way.

I said in Part 1 – “I make a point now to start my day with even just a chapter or two from a book that promotes empowerment.” It’s very true and such an easy, yet powerful step to start for anyone. It’s doesn’t have to take too much time (so even for those of you who aren’t big readers) – even ONE chapter to start your day will place your mind, and hence your day, on a more powerful, positive path. For me now, I try to begin my day and end my day with a chapter or two from some sort of material that promotes empowerment. Did you know? That when you wake, and just before you sleep, are the two most open and pertinent times to reach your subconscious mind. Hence these are the best times to set your directional mind. But having said that, reading a chapter a day, any part of the day, will help.  choice quote

SO now for the Part 2! I’ve also learned to meditate, and have discovered the power that it brings. And before you stop reading now and say oh, I’m not into doing that…be patient and keep reading a little.

I’m an impatient person and I’m a busy person usually doing all sorts of things, and prefer to be active outside especially when the weather is great. BUT – I have learned that this practice (even in tiny doses) can change me in a positive manner. The truth is now, if things are hectic or I’m overwhelmed I actually crave the few moments of shutting down in meditation – and I’ve found it can change the energy of a situation after doing it.

The fact is: it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. I only devote about 20 minutes a day to this process – and it’s so worth it. (Truthfully even as little of 5 minutes could benefit you.) There are many types of meditation practices (and perhaps I’ll get into more at a later date), but the truth is, you don’t need to know anything profound or fancy to start. Remember: thoughts are our roadblocks, and what we want to accomplish is to take your mind and stand it on the right path it should follow for the day.

Here is what you need to know:

1) You need to get comfortable and close your eyes. (I prefer lying down – some sit with legs crossed – but it doesn’t matter.)

2) I light a Jasmine candle for Scent Conditioning. Scent is a strong memory sensor. Similar to the experiments of Pavlov’s dog, the idea is: the scent of jasmine now settles me. It brings my mind back to the relaxation of meditation. I also use jasmine oil on, say my wrists, to smell throughout the day as a calming effect as a way of bringing my mind back to its center. I know it sounds crazy, but try it! Our minds can easily be conditioned too. The scent you choose doesn’t really matter, but keep it the same.

3) Tell yourself authoritatively what you are about to do. In Part 1 I described how there is a YOU deep inside that can talk and have you obey. This is a great time to use that power.

There is something called Power Words (and I will follow-up with more on that in a continuing Part). For now, let’s just start by telling yourself – with authority – to relax and quiet for meditation.

4) So there you are – in whatever position makes you comfortable – eyes closed – now I use a simple “Tapping” process. (There is a lot to cover on ‘Tapping’ but to start you don’t need to know too much. That’ll be another topic to cover later.) Tapping is based on pressure points and is a science that’s gaining popularity. For me personally, I only ever use this simple version….

Use your middle finger to TAP very firmly between your eyebrows. (As you practice this, you will find that exact spot that feels right.) Several times, keep tapping and as you do tell yourself to release ALL tension – from your head to the very bottom of your feet. RELAX. Let every bit of tension in your body go, as though you’re floating in water. Then tell yourself to release all negativity – release all stress and tension, worry and doubt – all of it – as you breathe in, tell yourself to gather it all – then exhale it all out and away. TAP-BREATHE-RELEASE. Now you’re ready to meditate…

The tapping during this process – for me, and for whatever reason – actually feels like it loosens the negativity inside. I now find it a very soothing process to begin relaxation.

Now, let your body sink……..loose and free of any energy that had you tensing. Think of yourself as sinking, comfortably wrapped in warmth and safety.

5) During the meditation process I wear headphones and listen to a CD (I do like Wayne Dyer’s Getting Into The Gap CD) – but it doesn’t matter what you listen to, if anything at all. Silence is paramount if you go with nothing, however I use CD’s to sort of entrain my mind not focus on anything except the letting-go process at hand. If you go with music, it should be without singing. Or consider meditation or relaxation CD’s. Find the one that works for you.

I suggest using the same CD – eventually just the sound of it will tell your mind it’s time to settle into the process and you’ll find it gets easier and easier to go deeper. Just like rattling the leash tells your dog to get ready for what’s to follow!

The key to meditation is to actually SILENCE your mind. Stop all chatter. Think of nothing. If anything comes in, let it flow through you like clouds on a windy day. This is also why a CD will help. This is why humming or a mantra word is often used – it keeps your focus away from the outside world. The idea here is to allow yourself to try to connect with that very deep part of YOU.

At first it’s natural to find it difficult to settle, and you’ll probably find yourself wondering what is supposed to come out of thinking of nothing?? But you will eventually get it – and you will come to see that this calming time of connecting to your soul, and the source of our creation (that miraculous world of energy around us) is empowering. The point of this is to center us – to bring us back to a centering energy that will also keep us on a path of answers, proper perspective and power. The more negative emotion you harbor, the more power you lose. Meditation can undo that and reverse the effects over time.

It may surprise that many, many famous and powerful people practice meditation regularly. I couldn’t begin to name them all. But the point is there are many as proof who will tell you that it is vital, and it works. One of the most surprising is Howard Stern. Not that everyone is a fan of his – but he is very famously powerful – and he is a big advocate for meditation. My point being, that even the most unlikely people have adopted this power of centering and focus.

And there you have it! Simple tools – minimal time out of your day – and so profoundly powerful – and they do work. It’s all about opening you up to a more powerful mindset, hence path. This is the essential starting point to turning yourself, and your directional path, around. So please, just try it! For a week even…..and you will start to see a change inside. And remember, when things change inside, they will begin to change outside.

As within, so without…” Quote from the Emerald Tablet.

In the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – I describe real tools that I use for personal strength and empowerment – but they’re wrapped in a unique fictional novel to appeal to those who not only do find this help interesting, but also to those who do not subscribe to self-help material or knowledge. I hope it works to entertain people as well as open some positive possibilities and questions about our own inner power and where it comes from. And as always, I’m so grateful for the appreciation I’ve received and I look forward to hearing from more of you!

This is to-be-continued some more….  

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