The Wisdom Of Chloe Gunn

The wisdom of some of what Chloe Gunn discovers is shared with actress Victoria Palmer in the e-novel INDUCED AMNESIA

“We all get caught up in the moving world, making choices on autopilot based more on our inner beliefs. If you aren’t stable inside, it eventually shows outside. Then, things happen that are supposed to wake us up. You need to address what’s eating at you inside.”

“So, you try hard to be someone you soulfully aren’t on the inside, and wonder why things fall off track outside? Ok, here is life lesson one – not being true to you, is pain, always. To honor your life, your soul, is not to be what others outside want you to be, or what you think they want you to be.” Chloe softly touches Victoria’s collarbone. “You have a purpose and meaning inside of you, and look at where that started to take you – you are that one in a million.”

Chloe reaches out tenderly and strokes the side of Victoria’s face, and as the tears start once more, Victoria leans into the affection. She closes her eyes. She melts into the warmth and energy coming from Chloe’s hand – a pulsing compassion – a drawing and a giving at the very same moment; it’s hallowed, conversant, sublime, and a touch so profound, that it creates a sensation of levity. Victoria doesn’t want it to end. “What are you?” she whispers.


The word repeats inside Victoria’s head – energy – softly, light, like a celestial whisper; Chloe’s voice is an inducement to a sacred disencumbering – energy – it brings solace, diffusing all pain, all fear and all confusion.

“Do you see what I’m saying? We’re all the same; we all come from and connect back to the very same source; all of us. Any other self-thought is defeating and an illusion. We all suffer the same doubts and the same anxieties, and those are just signals to examine how we feel, and why; any negative pull is a guide to push us all back toward the source that created us, and to connect to a balanced spirit state of what we’re ultimately created for – love, peace, joy, compassion. That’s our truth, and our freedom.”

“You wanted someone to show you the way. You’re just like every other person out there. We all miss the simplicity of peace, joy and love. So rather than understanding that ease comes from staying close to, and connected to our Source, our Creator, we try to be independent; and we think we are. We attempt to separate – but the reality is we cannot, ever. In doing so, we only stretch our connection thinly outward and away. Our soul, our sanity, resembles a small light tethered on a string. And following negative situations and feelings cause the string to tangle; and sometimes, many times, over and over again and again.”

“We are more magnificent than electricity,
lightening or even the billions of stars in the sky. That is the truth of what
we are.”

The novel INDUCED AMNESIA is now available on all major e-publishers (Kindle, Kobo, iBooks & more). Please check it out & give me your feedback. I love hearing from you!!  Check out INDUCED AMNESIA today!



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