Healing Broken Hearts #inducedamnesia

All of our hearts, at one time or another, need some sort of healing; and it’s not always about lost love, though that is a common biggie. For Chloe Gunn in INDUCED AMNESIA that’s her unfortunate burden of pain. But it’s only the beginning of a journey. And like so many of us, Chloe thinks it’s an end. Is this novel capable of healing broken hearts? Well, yes it’s fiction, but the sad opening is only the start, but what Chloe discovers is very real and true. So, is it too late for her? You’ll have to read and find out, BUT I know it’s not too late for you…

It’s amazing how a step back, or outside of a situation, can bring clarity and a different perspective. The reality is nothing awful is forever, and most often actually contains seeds of power and promise, as so very hard as it can seem in moments. The question isn’t what to do about the broken heart, but how to walk beyond it. How do we start? Wanting to be better, to be stronger, is the first necessary step. There is a seed of promise to be picked up, but that has to start first with a choice. Just that simple, really. And from there, the universe will start to move up to meet you.

It’s a process; a daily reinforced commitment to move on and up, but if that choice is made, everything will change – and eventually you look back and then you see with far more clarity, and realize you have grown. It took some pain at times, but you have grown. And healed.

INDUCED AMNESIA is fiction – it’s meant to be entertaining, but also haunting. It’s fantasy, but there’s reality in it. And I hope that it not only connects, but ignites growth. My dream for it is that it might get people talking, and acknowledge emotional pain in themselves and others.

BTW – A great song to check out is Everything Changes by Heather Nova

“Everything changes, changes for the good,
Even the pain hurts like it should,
Everything moves, shadows to light,
Heart becomes whole when you give up the fight.”

**I’m a big Heather Nova fan and have been since her first album – and a lot of her songs fit well as a backdrop to this novel …….


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Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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