Here’s more sneaky peek into the novel INDUCED AMNESIA

Please let’s share this and get talking out #inducedamnesia and #chloegunn!! This is a novel of pain we have all faced and the road to transcending it…


This time of day, the public pool is quiet with only a few seniors swimming. Chloe slips right into the cool water feeling alive instantly. She drops and releases her weight, pushing off. Chloe’s feet lift and she drifts forward gently. Even her breathing is affected.

An hour passes with Chloe floating effortlessly on her back, sometimes staring up at the massively high ceiling, sometimes with eyes closed. Ironically she thinks – this is living – yet it’s because now, there’s nothing to live for. The backward arch to her spine, as her feet float below the water surface with her arms limp and relaxed, feels therapeutic, like a full release of any remaining life tension.

In giving up her attachment to life, Chloe’s found the path to appreciating each moment. She now takes the time to live the moment, instead of trying to push through it to something better, something more exciting, something less complex and painful. Now, moments aren’t weighed in that fashion. She just drifts in and out of each speckle of time, whatever it brings, knowing that it doesn’t matter. And the peace that it induces feels amazing to her. Is it possible to keep this mindset in everyday life?

Even in the change room, Chloe takes her time toweling off. There’s no rush, no pressure. The brisk cold feeling is normally something she hurried to avoid. Now, it refreshes her. Life is funny. When I finally don’t care about life, I feel so alive.


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About Tyin C Krysset

Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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