Could Amnesia Really Be The Answer To Depression?

WHY Amnesia? Well, let’s be honest – many, many people, boy or girl, young and old, have had some experience with depression on some level – and many have even had thoughts of escape, even if briefly. Thankfully most people do not really want to, and do not, die, but it’s that part of us that makes us unique on this planet, that consciousness, that has had us think about it, however fleetingly. How many of us have had moments, even brief ones, where we would give up every memory to be free of pain and restart?

There’s also that question they hypothesize in the novel INDUCED AMNESIA – depression is chemical, yes, but it is triggered. Painful experiences are the triggers. So what if those were erased? Would that mind still sag under the veil of depression, or is that veil lifted with the memories and discarded all in one motion with amnesia? I have to admit, I’ve personally wondered how effective that would be, and how many of us would really run to do it, if it could indeed happen. It’s a tidy way to clean up a painful past. And what if they could accurately just remove event chunks and leave the rest? Would you do it then? I would say yes to the latter, but that’s me personally.

Now this brings up another question, and something to be considered on a much deeper, spiritual, metaphysical level – wouldn’t removing the painful memory also hinder, or stop, any needed growth (emotionally/spiritually)? Would it negate it? And without that growth as only uniquely humans can develop, what would become of us as a society? Better, or worse? Weaker, or stronger? Undoubtedly such an act would have a large impact down the road, but I think if we view what we do know of the laws of our universe, even on a physics level, the reality is we need counterforce, chaos, or entropy to re-organize into something stronger, more efficient, more evolved. If we are energy, and indeed we are, then we know that we in fact need the factors that force growth to propel forward. They say – every law in the universe leads, ultimately, in the direction of balance. And so adds to the metaphysical argument for entropy – Chaos or harmony? Broken or perfection? And now thinking about it, aren’t they the very same from a grander universal view if you could pull back into the cosmos?

So, could amnesia really be the answer to depression? Perhaps, on a temporal basis, but the universal laws of this world would catch up once again, breaking down and polishing those parts of us that have forgotten we’re part of a larger whole. The laws of the universe will always push us toward harmony.

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