#InducedAmnesia & Me

It’s honest to say that INDUCED AMNESIA is the novel that contains perhaps the most semi-autobiographical glimpses of me personally, that is in relation to any of my other novels completed (A Perfect Assassin, Jaded and Sanctuary to-date). However, it’s not just the emotional pain of love lost or the depression suffering that reveals real glimpses, this novel is filled with a constant mix of fiction meets real, from the down-slide of where the novel begins to the practices and lessons that bring it back up. Like so many of you, I’ve had periods of intense, emotional suffering, and I have a family – and personal – history with depression, but I’m also an avid reader in regard to metaphysics, spirituality and self-help. I now meditate often and believe not only in strengthening the mind and spirit, but doing it on a consistent basis to maintain peace and success, in anything.

I started out to write a novel with a unique concept, and hopefully readers agree and enjoy the journey. There was careful purpose to INDUCED AMNESIA having three parts – with Part One being about Chloe, Part Two being the amnesia experiment and Part Three about Victoria – this effect doesn’t hinder the flow, but it serves relevance by the end. There was also careful consideration to the lack of detailed description to each main character, particularly the two key characters, Chloe and Victoria. I wanted them to be any girl and every girl – they could be you, your friend, your sister or cousin, or just simply, the girl next door. For while I hope this novel is entertaining, I also hope that readers identify. There’s a great amount of realism in this novel of fantasy/fiction.

This novel does start out unrepentantly dark, but it does surface into hope and a path to strength. And so, it is my hope that INDUCED AMNESIA takes you as the reader on a ride that keeps moving with momentum and leaves you with questions, and answers, all at the same time.

I hope you enjoy! And if you do, please recommend it to others – I’d be so very grateful for any and all support. But please……don’t spoil the end for others!


About Tyin C Krysset

Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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