Snow Day

This weekend, surprisingly, turned into one big SNOW DAY! I woke Saturday morning to a plethora of snow and then, it continued to snow all weekend – and yes, I know I live just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada – so you would think it should be expected, right!? Well no, not really. It’s actually been unusually cold for us this time of year, and typically, while we do get some snow here and there, we don’t often get this much particularly so early in the season. Or if we do, it never stays long.017

I suppose being so South and close to the lake, we often get shielded for temps and snow. Southern Ontario weather is not typically what the rest of the world would think of when they think winter in Canada. The only ones with better weather in this country normally are those of you in British Columbia.

In any case, I DO love Christmas time, and I recently did say how much I wished it looked like it does in the Christmas movies……..and voila!  019

So doing what any good mommy does when her boy loves the snow – I bundled up, we got out there and we played in it. What else is there to do? Well yes, watch Christmas movies………and I did, but in between them, Fabrizio and I had some fun.

I’m also trying to edit JADED, but it’s slow going this time of year…..How can you focus with a boy this handsome??


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