Video Trailer – for new novel INDUCED AMNESIA

HERE’s a video trailer for the new novel INDUCED AMNESIA…

Would YOU give up every memory you have to be happy?

Iapic6Check it out!! 

INDUCED AMNESIA is my first novel released (I pray it finds a voice out there) – and in the spirit of novels like: Girl, Interrupted, The Bell Jar, The Hours, Prozac Nation and Veronika Decides To Die, this novel is a ride through dark consciousness – however THIS novel takes on a different journey during the dark dream of pain, and in metaphysical, self-empowering fashion opens into a new world of possibility – a world that isn’t just fiction – THIS fiction offers real life empowering toolsand a twist on the dangers of being careful what you wish for –  because often times, we get just that.

“They say – be careful what you ask for – and it is true. We just don’t fully comprehend that on a cosmic energy level, but it’s so true….” excerpt from INDUCED AMNESIA

Also check out this short cool teaser!

INDUCED AMNESIA is available now on Amazon…

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Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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