Tyin C. Krysset on Chloe Gunn

Tyin C. Krysset on INDUCED AMNESIA’s main character – Chloe Gunn volunteers for an unprecedented medical trial to induce amnesia where the answer seems simple: erase her mind and erase the pain. But is it really?

Imagine what that would entail. Losing all your memories, good and bad. Forgetting family and friends, along with the one’s you really want to forget. Would it really be worth it? Would you do it? Would heart pain really go away with memory? Or would the universe work to remind us of the lesson in it all over again? Somehow I think so. But……I could be wrong. It’s a great concept to consider though, isn’t it?

Chloe’s circumstance was chosen (and yes embellished, for those that ask is she me lol) when the concept of the novel was born because I think it’s a circumstance so many of us can relate to. Falling in love and losing it hurts. And for many, sometimes profoundly. Sometimes it can be difficult to move past, without bringing it into the future. And that’s dangerous – as Chloe’s situation proves. But nevertheless, this is a situation that almost all of us can cite as something we’ve known as a painful experience – although perhaps, not as devastatingly dramatic as Chloe.

Likely not a lot of us would seriously consider Chloe’s option – but without doubt, she’s so relatable. Getting hurt by someone you love and trust, having your soul fall on its’ knees and then, wishing for a better life, a stronger you – wishing that the way to getting everything you really dream of will rise and shine before you – that’s the human experience for all of us. It’s growth. It’s not fun. But it’s the friction that makes the diamond. What’s interesting and ironic is, she’s drowning in hopelessness and it’s the idea of inducing amnesia that finally gives Chloe some hope.

Simply, Chloe got hurt, but she wants to be better – and that’s all of us, isn’t it? Does she win? Is it really that simple? Is amnesia an answer? Hmm……maybe. I guess you need to read INDUCED AMNESIA by Tyin C. Krysset. And if you do – I’ll be forever grateful peeps…


About Tyin C Krysset

Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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