Sneeky Peek into INDUCED AMNESIA…

Excerpts from INDUCED AMNESIA…

What if we can create a completely new existence, by creating a new, healthy mind; one that knows only peace, happiness, strength; one that’s resistant to negativity and fear? What if we can manifest a physical change that produces a profound, strong mind emotionally, intellectually and even, spiritually; one that can withstand the ugliness of this world; one that cannot comprehend weakness, failure or surrender? What if we can undo all damage done to the psyche and reprogram it with perfect balance?

“We need to remember the inception of how we got here – all of us – it began with a question, a lingering, almost lifelong for some, question. What would happen if you could purposefully remove human brain input – that part of us, that evolutionary model of who we are and how we perceive – and restart; causing the brain to evolve on a brand new level, a stronger level – mentally, emotionally and even, spiritually?”

“Incapacitating chaos is what comes after the removal part,” snaps Dana.

Temporary chaos,” injects Dr. Schreyer.

Lingering,” adds Alicia.

“I get that it’s not easy,” Dr. Schreyer sighs. “Remember though, Chloe wanted this, and essentially as difficult as this phase may be, she got what she wanted.”

“I don’t know that drowning in oblivion is what she had in mind,” Dana says.


“Clinical depression they say is chemical, and it is. It’s been proven. But it’s something that’s typically triggered. We’re all born happy; but somewhere along the way, at some point in time, something deep inside changes for some people. Pain, loss, stress, fear – exposure to those dark emotions creates a chemical reaction in our brain – and some of us get stuck there.” Chloe fidgets to get comfortable. “So, the big question for some doctors was: what if those events and their emotions were erased? What if you could rewind? What if …… you could erase painful experiences and undo core beliefs that are dark, ill-serving and weak?”


“They say – be careful what you ask for – and it is true. We just don’t fully comprehend that on a cosmic energy level, but it’s so true. And I don’t mean vocally or even consciously; but deep down, at our core, unconsciously, soulfully.”

About Tyin C Krysset

Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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