Seeking Agent or Publisher…

I’m looking for an agent, publisher, producer, investor, mentor – or all of the mentioned.

I’ve completed 3 novels (commercial mainstream fiction) and I’m focused on selling something now. (All of my work is protected by registered copyright.)

I’m open to approach and very open to ANY path that might lead to where I want to be ultimately. Simply, I just want to write books. I believe I write good books – books that people do and will want to read – books that would also make good movies – books that could have sequels if there’s a call for it.

I know that agents and editors sometimes have a different view of what they’re looking for compared to the publishers sales/marketing people. And to be honest (maybe because that’s my own background), I think the latter group is who my books would really appeal to. I also believe my books are an easy sell to the public.

So, having said all that – I want to be published period – and if selling the films rights first or any other outside-the-box path works, I’m all for it. I absolutely have no problem sharing a percentage with anyone who can get me there……hey, it worked for Paolo Coehlo.

And there you go…….have a read (pretend you’re on a beach or waiting at the airport) and if you have something to offer, by all means, I’m here…

About Tyin C Krysset

Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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