My Road To Getting Published

Ok – so blog, blog, blog – that’s all I hear from people who apparently think they want to hear from me; like Facebook isn’t enough!? I’m not a fan of spending time on the computer or the web – and yep, I get the irony of that considering I LOVE writing.

So here I am – I’ll start at where I’m at right now and track back as I blog on. And yes, I’ll include sample chapters as I go. My story….

First, please check out my YouTube promo video for my novel A Perfect Assassin: The White Ming Chronicles. This novel is unpublished at the moment and I am seeking a literary agent. I need hits! It has to circulate. And many thanks in advance for your support! Truly. P.S. I hope you enjoy it!

BTW if you visit me on Facebook (Tyin C Krysset) you can view my Pages: A Perfect Assassin, Jaded and Induced Amnesia.

… OK so – I’ve finished one novel and I’m very close to finishing the next, and yes, the next too – If you’ve ever written a novel and tried to get noticed by an agent or publisher, you know that taking that process on for even one book is tough work. Arrrgh…  So hence my blog will document the adventure – hopefully with a very happy ending!!

My first novel, A Perfect Assassin has attracted some attention. I’ve even had unbiased readers read this one with the intent to solicit criticism – and yet, the feedback’s been stellar.

A Perfect Assassin fits a hot trend in terms of marketability – just look at movies and television. Both men and women LOVE the idea of an intriguing female who can kick serious butt! A Perfect Assassin is about a Caucasian girl who is adopted by a Chinese Triad leader and raised in Chinese custom. She is Anastasia Ming and known throughout the Chinese community as The White Ming – feared as one of the Triads most deadly enforcers, there is a wealth of tale and innuendo that precedes her presence, both within the Chinese community and without.

Anastasia Ming is a Triad enforcer with exceptional intuitive ability, who lives in a different world with different rules; the White Ming represents a secret society, almost impenetrable, yet, for some unfathomed reason, Anastasia turns informant where informants are rare. Even more inexplicable is the truth that this ancestral web of secrecy is being betrayed by one that lives to serve it with every breathing moment. Anastasia is physically perfect and precisely agile, yet her flaw is the emotional wall between herself and humanity around her.

The White Ming serves the Triad sect known as The Society, an audacious sect governing all others and led only by aristocratic ancestral lineage. Through a CIA sting, Anastasia is captured and forced to testify against her adoptive Chinese father, one of the controlling leaders of The Society.

In return for her testimony, Anastasia’s offered an assignment within what is said to be a covert domestic division of the CIA. Sent to a training facility in London, England, Anastasia returns to the U.S. with a new face and a new identity. Now known as Gracen Lily, she is head of Aphelion Associates, an independent, civilian agency specializing in elite security measures with many high level government agencies as clients.

The question is: has she embraced this new life, this new identity given to her, turning her back on the people who once saved her? Or has The White Ming found a way to infiltrate, gain trust and destroy the agencies who were enemies in the past? The race is on – who does The White Ming honor? Who will she save, and who will be destroyed?

About Tyin C Krysset

Author of INDUCED AMNESIA (e-published) fiction (mainstream)
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